The first step to being comfortable with your dentist is knowing who they are. It may seem simple, but it can make a huge difference. Each of our doctors is highly experienced and wholeheartedly dedicated to your dental care. If you are interested in learning more about the talented dentists at Clean Smile Dental, check out their bios, and if you still have questions, you are always welcome to get in touch with us at your earliest convenience. Your comfort is our top priority.

Meet the Doctor: Dr. Audra Robinson

Dr. Audra Robinson has more than 18 years of experience in the field of dentistry. She began her career as a dental assistant, developing a passion for the dental profession with a desire to help patients who were affected by financial and social barriers access the dental care that they deserved. She volunteered for numerous free dental clinics throughout her home state of Michigan while working full time and attending classes. After 15 years as an assistant, her passion for dentistry led her to further her education to become a practicing dentist. Dr. Robinson received her Bachelor of Science Degree in Biochemistry from Columbia University in 2012. She went on to complete her DDS (Doctor of Dental Surgery) with Honors in Special Patient Care from New York University College of Dentistry in 2017. She received the Special Care Dental Association award for her dedicated work. She returned briefly to Michigan to complete her general practice residency training at the prestigious University of Michigan Hospital System, where she gained experience in managing patients with developmental disabilities and complex medical conditions. Aside from general dentistry, her skills include dental management of head and neck radiation recipients, and restorative treatment following surgery of oral cancers. Dr. Robinson looks forward to meeting you and providing your family with the best of dental care in a friendly environment.

Meet the Owner: James A. Sweeney, DDS

With degrees from Loyola Marymount (where he graduated Cum Laude) and Creighton University Dental School, Doctor Sweeney has been practicing dental medicine for more than a decade. As owner, Dr. Sweeney runs the practice administratively, along with personally taking after-hours phone calls for emergency dental care. His vision and values regarding excellent customer service shine through each and every one of our staff members. Dr. Sweeney believes that a trip to the dentist’s office shouldn’t be something you dread, but something positive that leaves you smiling brighter than ever. He takes pride in our patients; “clean smiles” and hopes that Clean Smile Dental can offer you a positive experience today!