Far away, in a land that lies above the clouds, sits a beautiful castle. Most castles are made of bricks, but this castle is special. This castle is made of pearly white teeth that are shined to perfection, and it is home to a beautiful fairy — the Tooth Fairy!

The Tooth Fairy is a very special fairy. Unlike others of her kind, she serves a very unique purpose. At night while the world below sleeps, the Tooth Fairy flies down from her castle and collects teeth that have been left for her underneath the pillows of little boys and girls. The Tooth Fairy is not only beautiful, but she is also quite generous, and she always leaves a toy or some money as a token of her gratitude.

But what happens to the teeth that the Tooth Fairy collects? Well, the Tooth Fairy believes that each tooth is special in its own unique way, which is why she puts every tooth on display in her castle. As the night comes to a close, the Tooth Fairy flies back to her castle with all of the teeth she has collected. Once she is home, she has other fairy helpers who shine each tooth until it gleams! Each tooth is then personally inspected by the Tooth Fairy herself, and she decides where each tooth will go.

Some of the teeth become part of her castle, and she uses them to build the walls and the towers. Other teeth are used as decorations throughout the castle, and she uses her magic to turn them into chandeliers or picture frames! In addition to the walls and decorations, the Tooth Fairy has a very special place set aside for some of the most beautiful teeth she has ever seen.

Inside the Tooth Fairy’s castle, there is a giant room where the Tooth Fairy displays all of her favorite teeth. These teeth belong to children who worked really hard to care for their teeth, and this room is one of the most sought-after places for a child’s baby teeth to go.

Do you want your teeth to be a part of the great Hall of Teeth? Lucky for you, the Tooth Fairy is always accepting new teeth into her Hall of Teeth. All you have to do is make sure that you brush your teeth every single day to make sure that they are nice and shiny. If you work hard, the Tooth Fairy will see your effort, and your teeth could become some of her favorites!

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